Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 2 of Summer

Here we are day two of my children's summer vacation, and I'm already feeling like it is going to be a long summer. I waver in my optimism versus pessimism outlook. We actually had a very good day yesterday, it was Memorial Day but my husband worked all day and we had swim lessons. My littlest one, Mallory did not want to swim, she was going to sit on the side but she ended up doing everything the instructor asked her but not without saying, "I don't want to do this" each and every time it was her turn to go. But the main motivator for her I believe was the bowl of lollipops sitting on the patio.

In a strain of it's a small world, the other two children who we are sharing the 1 pm time slot were the youngest children of my dentist. We've been going to him for years and I finally met his wife.

I was able to start the process of reorganizing our toy armoire, and get rid of some things which is a wonderful feeling. I need to go work some more now before the natives get restless. The only problem yesterday was that my dust allergies were stirred up in a massive way (sometimes it happens, sometimes not) and I felt horrible. Sitting by the pool stopped the nose and it was quite pleasant.

I've got quite a grocery list going and I've realized I'm beginning to really look forward to going to the store. I think that's why I realize it's going to be a long summer. The equation of how much I'm looking forward to a trip to Target is reflective of how desperate I am to get out the house!!! And I might have to variate it and break down and go to Walmart. I hate Walmart but it is something different. Here's to Day 2 of summer.

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