Monday, May 11, 2009

My IPhone said, "Pray"

Our church is in the middle of a major capital campaign to build a new youth building. We began a 24 hour prayer period on Mother's Day before we hand in our pledge cards next Sunday. Weeks ago, I signed up for a 15 minute increment of prayer time for this morning at 6am. I had figured out how to schedule it on my iphone calendar and set the alarm and then I forgot about it. I do not use this feature on a regular basis at all. I do need to learn more of the phone features besides uploading pictures to facebook, but I digress.

So I'm up early as George was coming home from work at 5:30 a.m. getting ready to go back to work. And I'm thinking let me get my coffee before I sit down. I hear my phone go off and go to find it, and it says, PRAY. It was just a surprising thing to see, I had forgotten what I had programmed. It just seemed like a divine moment. Well, a divine moment that I had programmed but nonetheless a moment. A piece of technology sought me out and said, "pray." Could you ignore that?? It made me think perhaps I should put pray on the iphone calendar more often and surprise myself.

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