Friday, May 22, 2009

Well being

I never thought I would pick up a magazine about yoga. What do those yoga people have to elaborate on about yoga? At times, I am one of the small, closed mind type which I detest in other people and especially so in my own self. I also couldn't understand what magazines about hobbies that I was not interested in at all would have in them. But the funny thing is I picked up the yoga one just to see and have found some very interesting articles. As I have written before, I am really "getting in" to yoga. Now this doesn't mean that I go more than once a week, it is just that I can now name why I want to go every week. It is a heightened sense of well being and balance. How can you beat that?

As people have asked me about yoga or I try to describe why I'm digging it, I have great difficulty to spit out an accurate response. The feeling is different than after a good cardio workout. In yoga, I have sweated and used muscles all over. After the treadmill or elliptical, I tend to have an energy boost, and a better mood that lasts for a few hours or so. Also, I generally sleep better at night. With my practice of yoga at this point, I have come to understand that I have an increased sense of well being. That doesn't sound like much in words but it is extremely powerful in real life. The effects of yoga last for days and the more I practice, the more I can see it would become a way of life or something that I want to keep doing, regularly. That is not saying that I will stop eating red meat, stop trying to look stylish, or lose my enjoyment of reading People magazine, but I am so enthused by what I get out of it that I'm now hooked and it has taken a few years to get there.

I recently learned the gist of yoga is to put yourself in uncomfortable physical positions and then hold those positions and breathe through the uncomfortableness. Anybody seeing a powerful analogy for life???!!! Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Golightly? Golightly, this is it, listen up, this is your way to find balance in your life! Put down the chocolate and practice yoga regularly.

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