Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dippin' dots in the Designer Department

George and I are going to a Mardi Gras Ball in Kenner next weekend, and we decided to do this last week. I have never attended a Mardi Gras Ball but I think George might have. I have not necessarily been excited about this, but I am perking up. Honestly, I have just never been a fan of all of the hoopla around Mardi Gras especially all of these people dressed up in outrageous costumes for what? But I'm not going there. The idea of getting a dress (!), shoes, figuring out hair, jewelry, being with people I don't know, etc. was just not appealing to me but I could tell George really wanted to go, so I am learning to suck it up. I have expressed no negativity not even related to finances as we talked about wanting to cut corners recently. And the tab is adding up especially with an overnight hotel stay. (And since he has not read my blog yet, I'm still safe here!) He called me on Monday when I was with our girls at the mall, and said that I definitely needed a long formal gown and that I could look at the mall while I was there. I said, do you not know the girls are with me???!!!


Well, in the "I can do more than I think" department I bought the girls their dessert at dippin' dots and said "let's go walk by and see what long dresses Dillard's has." As I see long dresses on a wall, I spotted a low glass coffee table and two chairs. I placed Riley and Mallory and their dippin' dots at the table, pushed their chairs in and off I went to find a dress. I saw the saleslady look them over but I just went with it, because the ball is well, NEXT weekend. I found 2 dresses, and then realized I was in the designer section after looking at the price tags, but ran into the dressing room anyway, which was conveniently in the direct line of the dippin dots dessert table, AND Riley said she would watch Mallory. The girls were so excited to see me in a long gown, how could I NOT think that would entertain Mallory for a few moments. I found a definite potential dress except for the designer price tag and after they finished their dessert, we went to the less expensive department and found another possibility. They were actually INTO the whole process but let me say, I do move swiftly. I ended up buying two dresses to make my decision from.

School was cancelled yesterday due to extreme cold (high of 34) and the potential of ice on the roadways. So we went back to the mall, and found a wrap, shoes and even looked at costume jewelry in one shop. It didn't hurt in keeping them occupied that we were going to see "Princess and the Frog" and they were playing a game involving "Lenny" of the "Wonderpets" and clues to the movie the entire time. The sales lady let us keep the plastic ring the size of a bracelet that the wrap came in and it was perfect for Winnie as a hula hoop. A piece of plastic kept Mallory entertained for many minutes. We (perhaps I) have come a long way, as I thought I would not be able to shop for myself with the girls in attendance at their age. It takes a little finagling, but we did it. I was so pleasantly surprised as you can tell. I'm learning that many things are possible, I just have to let myself believe AND move swiftly.


  1. Is the blue gown you're modeling the winner? I love it! My George and I have been to several MGBs and have had a blast. I hope your experience is the same.

  2. That one in the picture is actually purple and I did like it but I needed a bigger size, I don't think it was zipped all the way. I did get a strapless navy blue - well sort of strapless. I will post pictures. I am beginning to look forward to the MGB especially if the temps warm up!