Monday, January 25, 2010

Ode to Mama Odie and New Orleans

The background story: Mallory and I have seen Princess and the Frog twice. Riley has seen it with us once. I was verklempt watching it the second time around at certain moments and maybe because it was our first girls only movie, just the three of us. It is set in 1930's New Orleans. It is a great little movie, message, music and native Louisiana jokes about Shreveport and such. I bought the soundtrack from the movie and we love it!
This past Sunday In Sunday School, both of the girls had lessons on making positive choices.
Mama Odie's character is a blind voodoo swamp woman or as Disney's website describes her as the "bayou fairy godmother" and an odd but wise, kind woman. I am now shooting to be like Mama Odie!!-except for the blind part...The two little frogs are trying to become humans again and this is why they visit her. And then she sings a song called "Dig a Little Deeper" and it is about finding out who you are and getting what you need. As you know, hitting home in Golightlyville. I've been digging quite deep as of late and figuring out EXACTLY what I need. I sat in the theatre thinking those Disney folks just really know how to get a message across. It was speaking directly to my soul...and I love that it was set in New Orleans. I did have a bit of a twinge with the teethless swamp frog hunters but oh well....

The first time we hear the song this week after Sunday School lesson, Mallory says "Mama Odie is making good choices, isn't she" And my head yet again spins around Linda Blair Exorcist style...does this four year old know how profound those words are for me?.

Anyway...New Orleans and the "Who Dat" nation are in the news majorly around these parts and nationally sportswise....and I am pulling for the Saints. And perhaps, will actually watch the whole Super Bowl, and not just the National Anthem or commercials. It is quite exciting. It is more than just a football game and I can appreciate that. Geaux Saints!

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