Saturday, April 3, 2010

Atlanta Bound

I'm in the car, and we have 152 more miles until Atlanta. So excited to leave our neck of the woods and visit néw territory. The last time the whole family went to see George's sister, Mallory was just crawling and Atlanta traffic did us all in. She cried in her carseat while we were stuck in traffic and everybody else wanted to cry...

[36 hours later]

And we are here now. We drove through downtown Atlanta on our way to the Kidd's house, instead of major highways (Thanks Garmin!) but we were able to see many landmarks (Braves stadium, Capital House, Centennial Park, etc) which we turned into a history lesson. I read from the travel book. Don't you know George was thrilled? But we learned about the Indians being here first, the Trail of Tears, that Atlanta's original name was Terminus (it was a railway center). We passed Piedmont Park as I was reading about it. We love history and I think Riley is going to enjoy it as much as I do.

So this morning, we will venture downtown again...CNN, Coca Cola, and maybe a mall. Hopefully there will be no crying, or no need to cry. And if there is, it will pass.

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