Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I know today...

~I like wearing my new pair of reading glasses to play Words with Friends. I secretly have always wanted to wear glasses. I like the way they feel on my nose and ears, even though Mallory said I looked old. Just call me teflon, because that comment just bounced off.
~Even when it is 105 degrees with the heat index outside, I adore when a small hand comes up to hold mine. I ALWAYS think this won't last forever.
~If men had to get bikini waxes, going native would be the norm, because IT IS PAINFUL.
~Cats are intrigued by guinea pigs.
~I have discovered my children like Tuna Helper...one with the tuna, one without.
~Summer is hot and it feels like a sauna outside and let me say repeatedly how truly grateful I am for air conditioning.
~It takes very small quantities of food for me to feel full now that I have more awareness and connection with my body. I have to eat what my body craves and enjoy every small morsel.
~I am sad RHONY is over.
~The summer is flying by.

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