Monday, December 31, 2012

A Magical Christmas in NYC!

Got back last night from our whirlwind trip to NYC.  We left Christmas day and after our flight was cancelled spent a bonus day but  we did get to see snow again!

Christmas Night
 I am still amazed by flying.  We leave New Orleans and three hours later are in New Jersey.  How crazy is that?  I really am amazed by it.

Empire State Building
New York Public Library
We covered much territory in four full days and it was a lot of fun.  Mastered the subway system.  Enjoyed our first Broadway plays, Mary Poppins and Annie and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular as well.

A little bit of excitement for me was seeing actress Rebel Wilson (and the actor who played her brother in "Bridesmaids") in a restaurant and on our bonus day, walking to the New York Public library, site of the wedding that did not take place in Sex and The City Movie.

Even better, I dealt with my fear of flights, elevators and crowded places and how holidays "should" be and what they "should" look like.  I finished what feels like the last act of busting through where and who I should be with on the holidays.

Fear came in and I let it depart lovingly.  

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