Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The cabin on the Gip Dunn property.
As we drove up to my parents on Thanksgiving Day, I mentioned to George that I wanted to get out of dodge.  After spending the week with the kids out of school, we needed to get out of the house. We decided to head up the next afternoon to the cabin that my dad built on family property many years ago.  The property has been handed down several generations.  We had never stayed overnight though.  Annie even made the trip with us.  The cabin did have running water and facilities(!) but no tv.  So we played games and cooked burgers on a grill.
During the night, the temperature dropped into the 30's and I made George light the fire in the pot bellied stove.  We slept on air mattresses and I could feel waves of cold air from underneath.  I could also hear creatures scampering on the tin roof.  Not a great night for sleeping, but a wonderful getaway for us all.  The next morning we met in town for breakfast with my parents and my brother and his family.  In my family of origin, we are cemetery aficionados.  We have ancestors on both sides of my parents' lines located in the same areas.  There are several cemeteries that we can visit.  My sister in law has done very detailed research on both sides and is extremely helpful in making family trees.

Riley appears to be as interested in history as I am and Mallory in her own seven year old way is too but also enjoyed having Annie the dog and her young cousins to interact with.  She also loved climbing in the back of the pickup trucks!  There is a little country in my city girl.
My parents, my brother and his family, the girls, Annie and I with George taking the picture.

Grave Of Isom "Gip"Dunn: 1850-1926
Cousin Jack, Annie and Mallory enjoying car technology!

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