Monday, December 10, 2012

We Can Escape To Another State?! I've Never Been To California!!

From Jeff Brown: "When there has been too much pain, we often forget that we have the built-in capacity to move through it to another state. God gave us tears to be cried, God gave us the capacity to express our anger, God gave us a vast range of emotional devices that, when healthily unleashed and expressed, can both clear the toxicity out of us, and also lead us to any lesson or experience of self-love living at the heart of them. In our authentic vulnerability lies our greatest power- the power to re-open and heal our hearts after loss and disappointment. Feeling the pain is an act of self-empowerment and the only way to make a break from the prison of repressed emotions, to make a break for inner freedom."

 I never believed that I could move through to another state.  Well, to be really truthful, I didn't know there was another state to be in.  I think I was stuck in the victim state for so long, I thought that was all there was.

When anything bad happened in my life, I thought I would be stuck there FOREVER. I couldn't get over it.  I am still awed when in large and small circumstances, I can allow the pain or other uncomfortable emotion to move through and not fight it, and it dissipates.  It happens and I still can't believe that it works.  For me, who has repressed emotions and stuffed them with food - this is so incredibly meaningful.   Self-love is the bomb! All other love flows through after we learn to love ourselves.  This paragraph has taken me the last several years to experience.  I GET IT!  And it takes practice again and again, because there is always something to come around the bend to practice on.

(And there's that vulnerability mentioned again - Brene Brown!!  Love that vulnerability, it is the portal to heal.)

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