Friday, March 1, 2013

Taking Hits From the Peanut Gallery

These are my fancy new prescription reading glasses with large round lenses.   George helped me pick them out.

Mallory's reaction: "Creepy"

Riley expressed similar sentiments when I later picked her up.  And I thought "what a tough crowd."

The next day, I wore them in a store, and it hit me, "I am a person who wears glasses now."  Wearing readers was just stepping into it halfway, this is full on new territory.

It is settling in.  There are a multitude of physical happenings in my body right now and a lot of acceptance that is settling in.

On the same day that I got the negative reviews from my children on my eyewear, I looked up and saw Jennifer Aniston in an ad on television.

I did pause it and show it to the peanut gallery.  Although they really don't know who Jennifer is.  That is okay.

Momma has new glasses and I like them.  I don't need Jennifer Anniston to have a very similar pair but it doesn't hurt as I am learning to accept the inevitable changes that are occurring.  The kids need time for acceptance just like I do but I did have to teach them to say it in a nicer way.  Mothers have feelings too!

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