Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spiritual Lessons From Unlikely Places, Thank You Jenny McCarthy!

I have been reading for leisure a bit more and reading my favorite type of books which are biographies.   I download them for free from the library.  Free means I am not particularly choosy, but of course there has to be a spark of interest.  I have read Justin Beiber's mother's book as well as Lauren Scruggs, who walked into the blades of a small plane an eye and part of an arm.  I have found some nugget in each of them and I kept reading but if I don't, I return it to the digital library with no guilt attached!  No more loyalty to books, moves or tv shows that do nothing for me!  Codependent no more!!

Currently I am ready Jenny McCarthy's latest book, "Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic."  I had seen she and Jim Carrey together on Oprah and they discussed their spiritual journey so that perked my interest.  I did not want to read her first book about pregnancy because it seemed crude about farts, hemorrhoids and other occurrences in a woman's pregnant body. True but unmentionable to my prudish self.

Thankfully I have relaxed since then and read as she thoughtfully questions all authorities about loopholes in Catholicism from an early age (as well as describing dry humping with her boyfriend while the Jesus pictures on her wall grimace at her)  I have learned from listening to others in small groups at my church that everyone has religious baggage, it just comes in all shapes and sizes and it is all based on individual experiences.

Then here comes the nugget!  I am reading along and she describes how to handle "emotional rashes" which are those massively uncomfortable feelings that come up.  Jenny's sister reports how she will sit on the toilet "to let it all hang out."  Instead of numbing it with shopping, drinking or food, this is what the sister describes,

"And then I allowed myself to feel the pain.  Sometimes I have no idea what it is, but I learned that sometimes you don't need to attach a thought to it.  Just feel it.  Just sit in it.  And when it moves past you, like a storm, the other side is rainbows"

And Jenny says, "Or a big deuce in the toilet."

Jenny then describes her first experience of  allowing waves of pain in her soul go through as her sister had instructed her.  It is exactly what I have been practicing except I don't sit on the toilet and it doesn't involve farts.  But if I did sit on the toilet, I might fart.

There I said it.

I simply adore when I get these conformational bits from unlikely sources in unlikely words.  It is resounding proof that I'm on to something.  

Thank you Jenny McCarthy!  The spirit moves in strange and mysterious waves.  I just need to stand back and allow it to happen.

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