Friday, January 9, 2009

Does your morning sound like this?

It's Friday morning... Kelly, our cleaning lady is coming at 8:30, there is pressure to get everything picked up that I didn't finish last night [lazy] because there is always waaaaaaaaay tooooo much to declutter before she does the hard cleaning. I need to take Riley to school for 8am dropoff, thus need to walk out house by 7:40, and back out of the driveway by 7:45. Mallory has mother's day out at 9am.
This is how the morning goes....
7:10am Master Bathroom, As I'm dressing, Mallory decides she wants to shower, [okay, easier not to fight with her but warn her sternly that she will have to get out when I say so. The age three is the new two, the tantrums are louder, longer and more explosive, and I must pick my battle] Thus I have to make a mental note to remember to give at least 3 warnings that it's time to go. Now that she likes to wear nightgowns at all times of the day and night this will make things easier when its time to go. She also likes to take multiple showers for extended lengths and I let it happen, and I will worry about the planet's lack of water another time.
7:25am Riley is REALLY whining, it seems more intense than the usual everyday whining . There is a normal whining when getting her school uniform on. [Now that I think about it, she has worn shorts and shirts two days that are easier to get on than the shirt and jumper. Mental note, buy more shorts and polo shirts] I decide to think out of the box and do the opposite of what I wanted to do (!) and I give her some love. I hugged and kissed her and in doing so, she whined that I hit her back on the chair. I am going to persevere, I get on my knees to be level with her and hugged again, free of chairs, and gave her some smooches on her neck. In return, I get a lower threshold of whining coupled with a stifled giggle.
7:35 I tell Mallory to get out of the shower after three warnings and she listens and complies. ( Hallelujah!) Riley doesn't like her sweatshirt as it hurts her wrists as it is too long (@#$$%#$) , the collar is bothering her and whines that Mallory gets to take long showers ALL the time. She has also forgotten her socks and forgots to get them again when she went to get another sweatshirt.
7:45 Non painful sweatshirt is acquired, Mallory is dry and in nightgown ready to go. We go towards the garage. Riley says I need show and tell for today. [Okay, are you kidding me, I covered this ground last night and earlier this morning to see if there was anything else we needed for school.] No time to complain, the clock is ticking. Riley wants to bring a stuffed dog, I say "GO GET IT," in a loud but pleasant voice. She can't find it. Mallory starts hocking as if there is a massive amount of phlegm in her throat, and this is one of her new fun noises. But it makes me want to poke my eyeballs out.
7:50 Riley can't find said dog, and luckily since my house is not picked up, there is a bag of sea shells (from the summer??) in the white box on the counter that is meant for keys and lo and behold, this is a taker for Kindergarten show and tell.
7:52am More hocking from Mallory - (Is this a nervous tic in response to anxiety in the house?)
7:53am In car, buckled backing up. Woo Hoo!!!! One daughter to school, and one to go.
8:00am Kelly arrives 30 minutes early to clean and I'm not ready...
8:55 While backing out of the garage, our retired neighbor scared the crap out of me but wanted to show the girls the possum he had caught overnight. I then gave up on the possibility of getting to school on time. It was worth it though when I asked Mallory what she thought of the disgusting looking possum and she said, "It's pretty, I like the pink tail."
9:00am Not at school, but I'm smiling at priceless comment on grungy varmint from a 3 year olds perspective.

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