Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Princess and I, the Needy

Our family adopted 2 adult cats late last year. My first and only cat, Pookie had grown old and very ill and I had to put him down. I waited a few months before wanting to add a new addition to the family, not knowing whether I wanted to get another cat. Riley was ready to go look the day that I was taking Pookie to have him put to sleep. I hadn't even started crying to grieve my little furry friend who had been with me before marriage and children.

Anyway, I liked the idea of being able to leave the doors flung open, no more cat box to smell or clean, etc. but the calling came and we ended up adopting 2 cats. They are sister cats, that needed to be adopted together and it was meant to be. As we were getting out of the car at the pet store to look at the cats up for adoption, Mallory said, "I want to name it Princess." Guess what the names of the sister cats already were: Princess and Morgan. We kept the names and had to wait until we came back from a vacation to bring them home.
Pookie was not a lap cat, he would rub up against my leg to show his affection and when we lived in Buffalo, he would come get closer at times for warmth. But that was enough for me, I was fine with a non lap cat and a little dark blip of a warm body in the same proximity with me. And then came Princess and Morgan. The first day we brought them home, they stayed hidden away from the loud and exciteable children but when the girls were put to bed and George and I retreated to our bedroom, out they came. George and I were in the bed, and they swarmed all over us, in our laps wanting affection, licking our faces. It was hysterical to us after our previous introverted feline. What had I gotten myself into? Every time I sit down at the computer, on a chair, in my bed, etc., one of them, especially Princess is right there fighting to get her attention and her spot.

I feel a kinship to Princess (and Morgan). I was one of those needy chicks with father issues that I have heard made fun of in movies and tv shows. I have learned a little more about myself in the last year or so and why I was a "needy chick" and I've come to terms with it and have learned over the years to not be so needy. Now I'M needed ALL the time by my children. Karma has come around, and here comes Princess, when I'm trying to type on my laptop, she's walking across it trying to find her spot. When I'm eating my cheese enchilada, she puts her foot in it. At the bathroom counter while I try to get dressed, she is trying to come between me and my mascara. She is the persistent Princess and I just laugh thinking how similiar I was to them both and most days I stop and give them some stroking and love.

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