Monday, January 26, 2009

Staying Hip

I started listening to XM radio Christmas 2007 when I received it as a present. I really enjoy it and mainly have listened to the Oprah channel but now I'm branching out. With my "5" personality I sometimes go on overload in my information seeking and just need to take a break from the talk and enjoy some music. Also, I want to listen to some of the current music so that I can get some new things to listen to while I work out. One can only listen to Bad Mama Jama, Brick House and High School Musical 3 so many times. So, I've been trying to learn the new music listening to the Top 20 on 20, or Pulse or the like. This was my problem: I didn't know which name was the group and which was the song title on the display. (By the way, I love, love, love this feature on XM radio) This cracked me up every time and made me feel old. The first time this occured was a Bowling for Soup song called1985. I didn't know if the song was Bowling for Soup or if 1985 was the song but of course I liked the song because it was about 1985!!! I could easily remember which thing, artist or song title it is by remembering which is always on the top line and which is the bottom line but in my advancing age, I forget. But the names should be easier. The names are so crazy now. Not like the old days: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, The Time, Rick Springfield, Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, New Kids on the Block, etc. They were just old fashioned names or groups that actually made sense. Five for Fighting? Maroon 5? O.A.R.? Plain White T's? These names make me feel old and long for the good old days. I guess they are running out of names and have to come up with something unusual. I know there is probably meaning behind the names, but when you feel behind the times, strange names make me feel old. There were strange names in the 80's as well but I was familiar with them. I guess this happenin' momma of two will just have to push her limits and work the brain to remember which line is on top. And get with the program to find more music to stay hip but I'm sure that is not what you call it now...


  1. Justin Timberlake is my fave. Normal name and all.

  2. Don't you remember from the 80's, then 90's and even currently, Depeche Mode? How about Book of Love or Love and Rockets. Or even Def Leppard? Glad I found you on the 'net.