Monday, January 5, 2009

Oprah and I on the same

I listen to XM Radio - pretty much exclusively the Oprah channel all the time when I'm in the car and am able to listen (kids) and I most often enjoy it. (The 80's channel has just not been good lately.) Today is the kickoff for Oprah's Best Life Week on her tv show. Today's focus on the show is weight. She fell off the wagon and has gained 40 lbs. She also had a thyroid diagnosis. For some perverse reason, it makes me feel better that this very accomplished, powerful, influential woman also has a weight problem. That is a small side of my personality that I'm ashamed of. But it makes me realize time and time again, that people in the spotlight are just people who make more money and sell magazines, but they have some of the same problems that everyday people do.

I was reading Oprah's column about what she knows for sure in O Magazine and she is no longer focusing on the weight but she is focusing on: optimum health, getting support when she needs it, finding ways to nurture herself, deepening her spiritual connection and having some fun. OH MY, those were also the same things on my list. I really didn't have a list but I am doing nearly all of them. I'm on the same page with Oprah, maybe I will have a network soon!!!
I am no longer weighing myself through my nutrionist's advice and am working on letting that go. I'm getting the support I need. (ie. nutritionist) I do try to nurture myself and starting this blog was a major step for me. It is very cathartic to put it all out there whether anyone is reading it or not.
I am a spiritual person and have done a lot of work to let some of my past beliefs transform to my beliefs and this is a wonderful accomplishment and ongoing. And I'm learning to have fun. A couple of days ago in my living room, I turned on my favorite HSM 3 song by Zac Effron (Troy Bolton) and just danced to my hearts content - making it to the end of the song and out of breath. Riley sat and watched me and after she said, "Mom, you're a really good dancer." Priceless. Freestyle dancing that is, maybe it was all of the viewing of the Solid Gold dancers... I also totally enjoyed beating George's record on the Wii fit - ski jumping thing. Competition can be a great motivator. I just kept doing it until I got it down. And that is the thing about life, just keep doing it until you get it down right and moving with the roadblocks. There are always going to be setbacks. With a little help here and there, brushing one's self off after getting off track and then that new network is waiting. Set a goal, and the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Love the blog! And love the freestyle dancing! The dietician I was seeing told me that dancing around my house counted as exercise. Sometimes I just turn up the music myself. And when I'm in Dallas with the nephew and niece, we often have a dance party by cranking up the Radio Disney on Direct TV. If only we had a disco ball ...