Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's Uncomplicate Life

Why Complicate Life?

Missing Somebody?.....Call
Wanna Meet up?.....Invite
Wanna Be Understand?.....Explain
Have Questions?......Ask
Don't Like Something?.....Say it
Like Something?.....State it
Want Something?.....Ask for it
Love Someone?.....Tell it

I found this on FB. It is so simple yet throughout my life I did not know that I can do each of these things. I didn't know I did not have a voice, I did not know that I needed to do these things to feel fulfilled and have more peace. I have started listening to my intuition and now that I know I am capable....
The ones that are especially hard are stating when I don't like things, asking for things I want and it all depends on whom I'm asking and what I think they are use to hearing from me. Changing things up is difficult, it is uncomfortable, and the response may not be favorable but living authentically is. I never thought I was a people pleaser but that is what awareness and clarity are for.
Telling someone you love them is hard, not with the young ones but with the older ones especially when you never heard it growing up. All of these behaviors are conditioned. Bit by slow bit, I'm learning to push through to change them.

Here's to uncomplicating life!!

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