Sunday, January 29, 2012

Silence is Golden

From Joan Chittister's book, "The Monastery of the Heart"
Chapter 5 -Silence

Silence is the mother
of the spirit.
It births in us the
cloister of the heart.
It brings us beyond the noise
of chaos and clutter and confusion
of a spinning world
to the cool, calm center
of the spiritual self.

Silence enables us to rest in that center,
to allow God to work in us there,
to clear from our hearts
whatever thoughts or pain,
desire or demands,
clamor within us for puerile attention
and so take us away from our best selves

The chapter goes on but these first two sections of poetry spoke volumes to me. I believe and have felt the "cool calm center of my spiritual self." What fantastic description. When I feel that way it is unbelievable. I then have to remember to practice the steps that took me there in the first place.
I also like that being centered, God is able to work (or we are able to pay attention his work) to bring about our best selves. I know I am a continual work in progress. Just today, I went through a myriad of emotions (frustration, anger, grief) and here I am, now in gratitude. If I just sit with the emotions, they can flow through. I didn't yell at anybody though I really wanted to. I didn't pick a fight with my husband because I knew my feelings were not directed at him but our situation that we have no control over. And I was quiet and didn't say anything and then had some quiet time to myself which rejuvenated me.

Silence can be very golden.

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