Friday, January 6, 2012

"The Alignment with Who You Are!"

From Abraham-Hicks
"You spend way, way, WAY, too much of your life, if you spend any of it, trying to make others understand where you’re coming from. Because they can’t get you...

It’s a waste of life to spend any time trying to convince others of your point of view. And even more, trying to persuade them to approve of you or appreciate you through the presentation to them that you are offering.

Yet almost everyone of you is offering a presentation to others to evoke some sort of response from those around you.

Now, pleasing others – we’re not against it. We’re not saying that you shouldn't be nice to live with and that sort of thing. But when you care more about the perspective of those that you walk around in human form with, you care more about their perspective than you do about your alignment with who you are, you’re letting them, and you’re letting yourself, train yourself away from your guidance system.

Let it not matter if one other person gets you at all. Because ultimately, if you consistently go with the flow of your vortex and align with who you are, if you ultimately sync up with the whole of who you are, you will begin radiating such a consistent vibration of love and wellbeing that in time, anyone who is in the vicinity of you WILL get you. And anyone who’s not, won’t get you, but they weren’t going to get you anyway."

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  1. Awesome I seem to constantly need to relearn!